Why Altadental?

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Our Advanced  handheld X-Ray Technology and Your Family Safer Visits. 

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Why choose us?


Altadental is a family-owned boutique Dental Home. We believe in educating to prevent major treatments. Altadental provides a very relaxed and home feel with it's 2-room boutique-type feel.

We Care

We care about our community and not hitting numbers at the end of the month. Altadental was built with our Dental family in mind. Each of our two rooms have HD TV's on the ceiling to enjoy in your reclined position and enjoy your favorite show on Cable, Netflix or Amazon Video with blue-tooth headphones to enhance your experience.

Advanced Technology

We have the latest technological advancements to better your visit. From the brand new high-end chairs to the newest of technology in imagery and treatment. Our portable X-Ray machine linked to a monitor for you to view images and HD photos of your teeth both before and after treatment.


We educate to prevent future treatments. Altadental was built around taking care of it's community by educating all that are willing to listen about good oral heal habits. We believe in starting young and changing the scary image of a Dentistry. We look forward to making our community healthier one smile at a time.


Our family room has a large TV along with a smaller TV that runs Nintendo Mario-Kart for our kids. We have tablets available on request for your browsing needs while you are in your Dental Home. Each of our 2 rooms have a total of 2 monitors; one for the Doctor and her assistant and the other for you to view your instant teeth x-rays and HD images of your mouth. Once you are ready to be reclined into your treatment position, you'll be enjoying the luxury of a HD TV on the ceiling with Cable and Netflix for your viewing pleasures.


Altadental is your Dental HOME.


" Altadental is what Altadena has been missing!"

" I took my son to Altadental for his first Dental visit, I couldn't have been happier"

" Thank you Altadental for making us feel at home during our visit, see you in 6 months!"




Our Team

Our Journey

Altadental's founder and Dentist Natalie Derboghossians was born.


Our Doctor graduated U.C Irvine.

 Our Doctor graduated from New York University.

Dr. Natalie started her professional career as a Dentist.


Our location was purchased and construction began.

Altadental opened it's doors to our community.

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